Thank you to EVERYONE who participated in the KIDS Wildflower Art Contest! And the 2024 WINNERS are .... 


Category 1: (ages 3-6) 

FIRST PLACE = Maizy (age 5) of Bingen, WA with her painting titled "Colorful"

Runner up is Piper (age 6) who even made her own botanical paints! 

Piper used paint made from flowers for the background and paint for the flowers and rainbow. Piper (age 6) ~ "Oregon Wildflowers" - Thank you for participating and sharing, Piper!

*** More amazing 3-6 year old submissions!!! ***

Thank you, Max (age 6), of White Salmon, Washington for your cheerful wildflower art. You live in a town with a lot of rainbows and this one is spectacular! 


More beautiful wildflower art from Tobin (age 4), of White Salmon, Washington. Thank you so much for participating, Tobin! 



"Wild Roses" by Elaina (age 5), of Bingen, Washington. Elaina, thank you so much for joining the fun! 


"Rosehips" by Opal (age 3) of Bingen, Washington. Thank you so much for sharing your art with us, Opal! 


This beautiful piece was submitted by Willa (age 6 1/2) of Hood River, Oregon. Thank you, Willa! 


Wildflower-inspired art to go along with our beautiful new mural in White Salmon by Alder (age 5) of Cascade Locks, Oregon. Thank you, Alder! 


              Meta (age 4) ~ "Fields" 

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful art with us, Meta! 


Category 2:  (ages 8-12) 

First Place = Olivia (age 9) of Hood River, Oregon with her painting titled "Tulips and Beneficials"

"Tulips and Beneficials" by Olivia (age 9) of Hood River, Oregon. And here is one of Olivia's poems too, titled "Wildflowers!" Thank you for participating, Olivia! 


Runner up in this age category is June (age 12) of White Salmon, WA 



This ray of sunshine is Sybil (age 8) of Underwood, WA displaying her beautiful wildflower inspired art. Thank you, Sybil!!! 


"Wildflowers Taking Over the Eiffel Tower" by Lark (age 12) of White Salmon, Washington. Thank you for participating, Lark! 


Thank you, Archer (age 8), of White Salmon, Washington for this beautiful collage of colors and species! We love the artistic presentation as well. 


Here is a fun and clever poem from Zephyr (age 11) in Portland, Oregon! Thanks, Zephyr! 


Sequoia (age 8) from Portland, Oregon has made an amazing wildflower project. I learned so much! Thank you, Sequoia! 



Thank you for submitting your art, June (age 11) of White Salmon, WA! Look closely at those feathers, folks!


Thank you Kaya (age 8) of White Salmon, WA! 

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated!       Mark your calendars for next year!!! 



Some Highlights from Spring 2023 

Congratulations, Tess!!!  - 1st grade 

Thank you, Casey! (4th grade)  

"On My Wildflower Hike" by Sasha age 6 

                               "Trillium" and Poem by Mirabel, age 8 


"Wild Rose" by Ben, 4th grade                   by Lily (2nd grade)



                                  by Neva (age 9)                                       

Join the fun! Details here 


HIGHLIGHTS from Spring 2022 ...

Thank you, Alia (age 9) from White Salmon for your beautiful wildflower painting! Congratulations and happy exploring!!


Alia (age 9)                            Sierra (age 6)



Asher (age 5).                                     Mason (age 8)


"Entangling branches of rainfall convene in a synergy of the starsTheir very being enhanced and illuminated by the bleeding sun

The old man will speak to me, it is coarse, dry, and worn
Splatters and streaks in the sky, the paint doth turn into day
The world has spun a million times, yet here I am today
May the years and eons pass
The bygone era fade to ash
Through it all, placid I stand
For though I've seen it all before
A sigh of relief, it's here at last
My memories are petals
Delicate and pure as the dance around the air
They melt as they touch the ground
Yet alas I fail to feel despair
Nature's misty breath, laden in dew
Glaze the world in life anew
The arid domain of ice and frost
Can never reclaim what we never lost
So yes, we have seen this all before
Yet every time the more precious
As the intricate dalliance of raindrops do fall
Staring at those flowers, petals arching like wings
I can't help but hunger for more." 

- Victoria, a middle school student from White Salmon, WA



Rowan (age 8).                                Quinn (age 5) 


Aneka (age 13).                                   Elliott, age 4

Neva (age 9)


Iyla, age 7                                              Sasha, age 5


Frankie, age 6,



Columbia Gorge Broadleaf Lupine             Northern Wormwood


Striped Coral Root                                    Suksdorf Desert Parsley


Dalles Mt Buttercup                                  Columbia Desert Parsley


Long bearded Hawkweed.                      Bleeding Heart


Poets Shooting Star                              Columbia Kittentails

Emma, age 14



Liv (age 6)



A Collection from Ms. William's 4th Graders of White Salmon, WA! 



.     Way to go,  4th graders!!! 


Iris - age 7, White Salmon, WA

Iris (age 7)


*Want to participate? Please do! Submission information  at     ***Remember: all participants get a prize!