Hey, KIDS!!!

Art by Aneka Diem (14 years old)

 ***Contest is closed for 2024 ---                       Please check out our gallery page to see all the entries. Then come back next spring for more fun! *** 

Spring is here and it's time for the 2nd annual Kids' Wildflower CONTEST! This year is extra exciting as we kick off the first ever White Salmon Wildflower Festival for the entire month of May! 


Kids of ALL ages (*everyone's work is published and everyone gets a prize)

What to Submit: 

* Short stories (fiction or non-fiction)
 * Poetry
 * Artwork                                                                                                       *Original Photography 

by Iris (2022 Wildflower Writer)

How to Submit: 

* Please send a photograph or digital (scanned) copy of your artwork or writing piece to meetthewildflowers@gmail.com 

 *Be sure to include your NAME, AGE, and MAILING ADDRESS

Stories and artwork may be shared on our website and Instagram

Want some tips on how to draw wildflowers? Click here

Trillium watercolor by Elliot (age 4)